Our Philosophy

Simply put: we are hugely passionate about your success.

This is the case in all the differing aspects of work that we do.  This means that we will not just turn up and do a piece of work and leave again.  Rather we want to make sure the reason you contacted us in the first place we are able to deliver upon and the impact of the work we carry out is not only successful but sustainable for the long term as well.

This has been our philosophy since PC was founded back in 1989 by 3 established elite performers in their own right:

  • David Whitaker MBE – coach for the Great Britain men’s hockey team who won the Olympic Gold in Seoul in 1988.
  • David Hemery MBE – Olympic 400m Gold Medalist.
  • Sir John Whitmore –  Le Mans racing driver

Ever since then PC has been focussed on enabling Leaders, Organisations, Teams and Individuals to succeed at the highest levels.

We continue today to carry the baton forward in our pursuit of pushing the boundaries of High Performance even further.